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Most everything I have read talks about connecting it to wood, not concrete. Here's what I was thinking of doing. All my joists are going to be.

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Some landscape designs call for a deck to join with a cinder block wall at a property line Once you hang the ledger, joist hangers attach to the ledger for hanging the deck joists. Set up a power drill with a 1/2-inch-diameter wood drill bit. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: Concrete Masonry Homes:

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Jun 1, 2014 Tom Silva shows how to save a wood deck from a catastrophic collapse. How to Safely Attach a Deck to a House - This Old House . How to Cover a Concrete Wall with Stone Veneer - This Old House - Duration: 8:21.

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This guide recommends connectors and fasteners for deck construction that .. wall, decks shall be positively anchored to wood screw that is suitable for installing ledgers and meets the requirements of the building codes . they must also be elevated off the concrete by 1" to help prevent decay at the end of the post due

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Sep 1, 2007 To attach a ledger to an ICF wall, the IRC calls for direct concrete-to-wood contact, which is usually accomplished with "anchor tunnels." These

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Modern solutions for fastening wood and metal to concrete The best way to drill a hole into concrete, concrete block, mortar and brick is to use a hammer drill.

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1 EWP = 1 inch minimum manufactured engineered wood product shall be used only when attaching a ledger board to a concrete or solid masonry wall.

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Attaching a deck to a concrete foundation. on how to install a deck ledger board to a concrete house foundation wall using .. Wood deck over concrete slab.

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With proper flashing, a wood deck will last many years; without it, the deck and The existing house rim and the lower support walls need to be solid enough to

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The fact is that your deck's weight load must be carried underneath it and not using the cinder blocks supporting your garage. That does not Ledger Board Attachment to a Solid Concrete

Jun 11, 2016 When attaching a ledger board to a masonry wall you will want to first cut I have used the Maine Brackets on a rear deck, wood attachment.

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Oct 29, 2013 Fastening to concrete looks difficult, but with the proper tools and But attaching to concrete really isn't much more difficult than fastening to wood—if you most can also be used in brick, stone, and concrete block as well.

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Mar 10, 2018 When are you required to use pressured treated wood when Nice in the forest; not so nice when it's your deck, basement exterior wall, or retaining wall. attach framing lumber (as shown here) or furring strips to concrete or

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Alternatively, wood spacers can be cut out of pressure-treated plywood and placed behind the ledger. As added How to Attach a Deck Ledger Board to a Masonry Wall. Ledgers can also be attached to solid concrete or solid masonry walls.

How to Build an Attached Deck HGTV shows how to plan and construct an attached deck with these pressure-treated lumber Attach a 2-by-8-inch ledger board perpendicular to the house. Check for Once the concrete has cured, start at a corner post and temporarily set the corner post on top of an anchor that's been positioned on the concrete.

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may be connected to deck failures than all other wood building components and . a sill plate or wall plate shall be constructed with ?-inch . Installing a post base on hardened concrete requires the installation of a post-installed anchor to

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A ledger board is a horizontal piece of lumber attached to a wall to support the ends of deck joists. How to attach a ledger to a concrete foundation wall.

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Mar 7, 1999 TRYING to attach furring strips or other wood members to a concrete can also use construction adhesive to glue boards to a concrete wall.

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Jan 6, 2015 Fastening a Ledger to Concrete: The ledger is not only the structural connection between the deck and the house; it's also what establishes the

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If you are attaching your deck to a ledger board then you must know how to do it Band boards must be solid sawn 2x (1-1/2") dimensional lumber or minimum 1" ledger to a concrete foundation wall rather than to the first floor band board.