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and word perfect. These specs can be downloaded and edited freely by the AEC and CSI communities.. 3-part CSI specifications for Wood, Plastics, and Composites. Wood 06 15 00 Hardwood Decking (Advantage Trim & Lumber Co. ).

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Division 05 Section "Steel Decking" for steel roof deck. Division 06 Section "Miscellaneous Rough Carpentry" for wood nailers, cants, curbs, and . Basis of Design: JM 3 –oz Polyester Slipsheet; Metal Termination Bars: Manufacturer's

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Freestanding Wood Porch or Deck in Mobilehome Parks Part III A plan with elevations, sections and details for the construction of a Freestanding Wood Porch.

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PART 1 - GENERAL Provide wood decking and accessories including the following: Related Sections: Refer to the following specification sections for 3. Hardwood Decking: Mataverde Premium Garapa Decking. 4. Hardwood Decking:

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MasterFormat is the specifications-writing standard for most commercial building design and construction projects in North America. It lists titles and section numbers for organizing data about Page 3 Cementitious Wood Fiber Decks.

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ASTM D-7032-04: Standard Specification for Establishing Performance Ratings for. Wood-Plastic Composite Deck Boards and Guardrail systems (Guards or Handrails),. ASTM International. J. . composite deck screws. PART 3 EXECUTION

32 34 00 Pedestrian and Light Vehicle Bridges

This section contains requirements for a fully engineered clear span bridge and . Wood Decking: All standard bridges shall have nominal three-inch by twelve-.


There are 6 decking lines featured in this guide specification: Horizon, Horizon Symmetry . D7032, Section 3.2.8 defines wood-plastic composite (WPC) as a composite made 3. PEI Evaluation Service: Report PER-15099, Fiberon Railings.

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This Master Specification Section contains: .1 This Cover Sheet .2 LEED Notes and Credits .3 Specification Section Text: 1. General. 1.1 Related Work specified

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purchaser that Transcend decking or porch planks, or Enhance . TREX? WOOD-POLYMER PRODUCTS. 3 / 6. Incompatible materials: strong oxidizers. The requirements detailed in Section 8 assume skilled work under normal

Project Name / Number / Date 06 05 33.91 - Long - Accoya wood

EXISTING 3-PART SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE VARIOUS PRODUCTS LISTED IN noise barriers, boat decks, musical instruments, signage, and veneers.].

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SECTION 06 73 00 COMPOSITE DECKING. SPECIFIER D1413 - Standard Test Method for Wood Preservatives by Laboratory Soil-Block Cultures. 3. D3274

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NL Master Specification Guide. for Public Re-issued 2017/05/31 Section 06 15 00 – Wood Decking Page 1 of 2 .3 Section 06 05 73 - Wood Treatment.


Refer to Division 01 Section "General Requirements" for the list of applicable regulatory . B. Exterior stair framing and decking, and wood exposed to the exterior, Bore diameter of holes smaller than diameter of nail or spike (3/4 dia.).

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This section is based on NyloDeck composite decking as manufactured by Standard Test Method for Wood Preservatives by Laboratory Soil-Block Cultures. 3.

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Section [26 56 19 - LED Exterior Lighting: fixtures and wiring for deck lighting]. 2. AWC NDS National Design Specification for Wood Construction. 3. American