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Using pedestals only. Using joists and pedestals l Not only do all the different types of paving layouts become a lot simpler that were previously either very.[ Online Chat ]

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Dekstone is the most visually appealing non-combustible decking product available structural porcelain pavers, Ipe wood tiles and pedestal support systems.[ Online Chat ]

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Precast concrete pavers are non-combustible and durable. They may be set on pedestals to make a level surface, or can follow the slope of the roof set on[ Online Chat ]

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Decks are either non-combustible. (e.g., corrugated metal . applications that use pavers as ballast. Pavers can be .. Paver pedestal of injection molded[ Online Chat ]

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We specialize in lightweight modular non-combustible materials to create Bison Pedestal Systems; Bison Ipe, Cumaru, Massaranduba, and Mahogany fabricated Kronos-USA ultra-high performance Porcelain Pavers; Elegance ultra-high[ Online Chat ]

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pedestal supports/risers used for porcelain paver tiles OR wood deck tiles as shown here to make a rooftop deck (will not compromise waterproofing membrane).[ Online Chat ]

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The complete Archi DeckWay pedestal paver system comprises 94″ x 12″ Non-combustible wood alternative where strict fire codes exist; Lower[ Online Chat ]

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Aug 10, 2011 ROOFBLOK Ballast Pavers can be used on roofs in new Superior Fire Resistance: ROOFBLOK Ballast Pavers are noncombustible and will protect the roof and insulation without the need for costly drainage pedestals.[ Online Chat ]

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The Eterno SEVO paver supports from HandyDeck do not allow the spread of flames reducing significantly smoke fumes compared to traditional products.[ Online Chat ]

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Nov 1, 2016 The Bison 2CM Paver Tray* meets testing for non-combustible surface material. ? Attaches to Bison Pedestals using patented FS3 fastening kit.[ Online Chat ]

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Porcelain pavers offer an elegant, non combustible, stain resistant, fade The adjustable height pedestals have rubber coated caps for sound and shock[ Online Chat ]

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Just 3/4″ thick and only 9lb/sq.ft., these dense, load bearing pavers can support up On adjustable height pedestals or steel rails for elevated roof decks, over[ Online Chat ]

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Porcelain pavers offer an elegant, non combustible, stain resistant, fade resistant The steel beam grid reduces the number of pedestals required to support the[ Online Chat ]

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Roof Pavers / Pedestal Systems Hanover? Roof and Plaza Pavers create serviceable, functional and attractive roof Additional pedestals are not required[ Online Chat ]

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They will utilize a pedestal decking system that will allow your deck material to float over the roof . Precast concrete pavers are non-combustible and durable.[ Online Chat ]

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venting/drainage with pedestal support systems or a drainage course. . Install no more FOAMULAR? insulation than can be covered with [paving, stones, . [Separator Sheet: Flexible glass fiber, nonwoven, non-flammable, corrosion and[ Online Chat ]

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transport and install than concrete pavers, are completely non-combustible unlike We recommend the use of Eterno adjustable pedestal system for elevated[ Online Chat ]

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This system (not to be confused with the underlying wood deck structure that supports The major limitation with wood decks is that because wood is a combustible Concrete pavers are placed on small pedestals so there's a space between[ Online Chat ]

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shall be supported by construction of noncombustible materials. stone or masonry pavers, 2) Ipe (a tropical hardwood also known as Ironwood), or 3) steel or[ Online Chat ]

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Pedestals. ScrewJack Pedestal Installation. Possibilities are endless when Construction crews quickly level each plaza paver by turning the pedestal base,[ Online Chat ]

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Mar 30, 2018 Pedestals & Adjustable Deck Supports Adjustable Bison Deck Supports elevates a variety of decking surface materials over rooftops, plazas,[ Online Chat ]

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Jun 7, 2018 Wooden decking tiles supported by Bison Versadjust pedestals .. Bison Paver Trays meet testing for non-combustible surface material, are[ Online Chat ]